Dental Treatment in Romania

Fast, Painless Treatment

Dr. Cristian Manu and Dr. Andrea Manu are recognized specialists in implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

Due to the seriousness of the Romanian medical training system, Romanian dentists' qualifications are recognized throughout the world. Many Romanian dentists work in USA and UK, so it's no difference between going to a British dentist or a Romanian one.

During major procedures you will be under I.V. sedation (general anesthesia specially developed for dentistry), so you won't feel nothing. You can choose to be under I.V. sedation for any procedure you like. We use some of the best technology available today to make dental treatment as fast and painless as possible. All the equipment and all the materials respect the same standards that UK dentists have to respect, and the cutting-edge technology we use is the same as in the best UK clinics.

Why visit Arad (Romania) for dental treatment?

Romanian prices are lower than in any other EU country, including Hungary.

Experience proved that the Eastern European countries that have just recently joined the EU have the lowest prices. Being one of the latest country to join the EU (in 2007), you can easily save thousands of pounds by doing your dental treatment in Romania.

It's not only the dental treatment that is cheap in Romania. The prices of services and everyday necessities are also low.

With prices like this you can easily afford a nice, relaxed, vacation.

No language barrier

Doctors Cristian Manu, Andrea Manu and the personnel speak English fluently. During our 10 years of experience, we've improved a lot and people find us very easy to communicate with. And unlike other doctors, we keep in touch with you daily to make sure everything is OK.

As a bonus, it's a lot easier to ask questions on the street than in Hungary or Poland because 25% of Romanians (especially the young people) speak English.