Testimonials and Dental Reviews

"I would highly reccommend this practice"

written by Dominick Kearns from Ireland
Date: 26 Nov 2009

Were you pleased with the treatment?
"Yes, I would highly reccommend this practice. I have a fear of dentists but Chrisrian and his staff were very reassuring during my procedures. Christian is very gentle, considerate and professional at his job always explaining as he goes along. Even with my hotel and flight costs I reckon I saved in the region of six thousand euro compared to the price I would pay at home and enjoyed a holiday aswell. I certainly will be recommending to friends and family. I must also mention and thank Andrea who did so much for myself and my wife during our stay."

Would you recommend the clinic?
"I certainly will be recommending to friends and family. I must also mention and thank Andrea who did so much for myself and my wife during our stay."

Would you return for further treatment?


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  • Crown
  • Bridges
  • Fillings

Treated By: Christian Manu in Romania

Elisabeth McKay from United Kingdom

Date: December 2008

"I am extremely happy that I went to Arad in Romania for dental treatment it is the best decision I have ever made regarding my teeth.
Dr Manu is the best Dentist I have ever been to. He listens to you & in my case solved some problems I have had for several years. I now have a full mouth of teeth & I am pain free.
I was also impressed with how gentle & pain free the whole experience was, anyone with any hesitation about going abroad for treatment don't be, it was the best thing I have ever done.
You will also love Arad, with nice shops with some real bargains. The town it's self is really quaint with trams & beautiful buildings.
Rating A.1

"Dr Manu is friendly and easy to get on with"

written by Rossi Cinquemani from United Kingdom on www.revahealth.com
Date: 24 November 2008

"I was quoted just under £7000 in total for procedures that i was quoted around £25000 in England. This price included flights and accommodation for two trips to Romania, as it could not all be done in one go. I had implants and crowns on all my teeth, I was so pleased with the treatment the results are fantastic. The clinic was great, Dr Manu is friendly and easy to get on with, everyone is very welcoming and makes you feel like theres nothing to worry about. All the flights and accommodation are arranged for you so it is completely stress free. If I needed any more treatment i would not even consider having it done in England i would go straight back to the clinic."


written by Bill Marrs from United Kingdom on www.treatmentabroad.com
Date: 06 October 2008

"Took a look at the man and his wife in London,, liked what I saw, I was working in Munich, decided to drive down to Arad,, fell in love with the city,, hard to start with, but it grows on you,, found some great pubs,, great resteraunts,, very cheap,,but I digress............the treatment...... When was the last time you looked forward to going to the dentists? ..........................me too.............well christian and his staff were nothing short of being family to me, ,,,,,,,,,no pain EVER... wonderful team, wonderful treatment. value for money is an understatement, looking forward to going back in january/ feb to complete the treatment, made a lot of new friends whom I am in contact as I write this, have been telling anyone who will listen, go to Arad Christian and Andrea and the fabulous staff they have, YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED, and you will be pain free,,,,, look goood,,, and save a lot of money, ,, do it NOW these people are so good, ,,, that the prices WILL go up, they are that good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,millionairs in the making, forget national health, those people ruined my teeth, Christian and staff made me smile with confidence again, DO IT DO IT NOW.......ROLL ON JANUARY,,, as I said do it NOWWWWWWW.....I AM ONLY ALLOWED TO AWARD FIVE STARS WOULD GIVE A MILLION IF I COULD."

Excellent quality, tremendous value

written by Rich Wragg from United Kingdom on www.treatmentabroad.com
Date: 29 September 2008

Pros: excellent quality, very good value
Cons: nothing really

"Everything turned out as promised beforehand, no nasty "surprises". The staff was curteous and everybody was very professional.
Maybe I should have given 5 stars for communication as well, Dr. Andrea expained everything in detail making sure that I am aware and we agree on the planned outcome; the only thing is that you have to get used to the accent in the begining which in fact only took me ten minutes or so and I barely noticed it in the end.
The hotel was nice, the city is not bad overall, actually got really nice after I found the "beer district" with 30 or so pubs and beer gardens clustered beside the old fortress ;-) Cheap too!

"100% PLEASED"

written by Pat Bruen from Ireland on www.revahealth.com
Date: 16 June 2008

"My name is Pat Bruen from Ireland, I have just returned from a visit to Dr.Manu Christians Professional Dental Clinic, Arad,Romania.
would like to express my opinion in relation to my visit. From my experience of dental visits both in Ireland and Northern Ireland I can honestly say that my visit to Dr.Manu's clinic was one of the best and most professional approaches that I've had from any dental practice anywhere.
The courtesy,hospitatility and general care was nothing but exceptional including aftercare and I was treated like a friend of the family,
I was picked up from the airport and taxied to my Hotel which is only 50meters from the clinic, and I can honestly recommend this clinic as probably the best (to quote a drinks company) there is and at a reasonable cost.

Pat Bruen

Testimonial from Gabor Karman (Canada)

Date: May 2007

"I would recommend Dr.Cristian Manu to anyone who is thinking of having dental implants. I would be more than pleased to show them the work Dentist Dr. Christopher Manu has done for me and tell them the treatment I got from them during my 9 days in Romania.
I am letting you know how pleased I am with Cristian Manu for giving me a smile I am proud of. Cristian and his team’s manners and patience throughout cannot be faulted. My gratitude is truly endless for the treatment that I got from them from the beginning to the end of my implant journey. I will never forget how professional and exceptional Cristian was.
His caring and thoughtfulness made my nine days so colorful. He picked me up from the airport and dropped me off at the airport where we shook hands and said farewell to each other. He called me everyday to make sure I was OK and my stay in Romania was so pleasant. If I needed something he made time to drive me around to see to my every request. It truly impressed me Andrea and Cristian’s people first attitude. I will always remember Romania and their Clinic forever.
I will never forget Cristian Manu's guardianship. I had only nine days of staying in Arad but Cristian did everything in his power to drive me around daily and to finalize my implant even though he and his team had to work in the clinic on Saturdays and Sunday until very late in the evening.
So to Dr. Andrea Manu / Dr. Cristian Manu I can only say I sincerely thank you for everything and I will remember Romania forever.

PS. I teach in S.Korea since 2002."